Where can you use stone?
Stone can be used instead of brick or timber - anywhere from features walls and fireplaces inside the home to exterior cladding and paving. Our gallery has some great examples of how stone can enhance your project.

What types of stone are there?
There is a wide variety of stone types, with colours ranging from greys, browns, creams and black. We can help you pick the right type and colour to suit your purpose and complement the environment.

What maintenance work is needed once stonework is complete?
Once the stonework is completed, it is scrubbed and if necessary, acid washed.  This will clean any dirt or dust off the stone and will be the only maintenance work required.

What should I do before the stone work commences?
We can advise you on any preparation and pre-work that will be are required.  We are happy to coordinate with clients, builders or architects regarding structural design requirements such as footing specifications, waterproofing and air cavities.

What is the air cavity and why do you need it?
The air cavity is a 50mm gap between the outside of the timber framing and the back of the stonework to allow air to flow behind the two products and keep the inside of your home dry.

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